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Climb out of the Remodeling Trap


Free House Remodeling is the Solution

The roof needs to be replaced. The windows are old and drafty. The carpet is worn, faucets are leaky, the breaker box needs updating…and the list goes on and on. You’ve been told by a realtor that you’ll get pennies on the dollar unless you take care of these much-needed repairs. And you have no idea how to pay for them!

People find themselves in a situation where keeping a home is no longer financially feasible, and the reasons for selling are many:

  • You’ve inherited a home that desperately needs repairs and you’re not in a position to fund them.
  • A difficult divorce requires you to sell the home quickly so you can move on with your life.
  • You need to downsize due to changes in your health, your financial situation, etc.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt your income and you can no longer afford the mortgage payments.
  • You’re facing foreclosure.
  • You need to relocate quickly due to employment.
  • You own a vacant home you don’t need.
  • …And many other reasons.

“We need to sell fast and we can’t afford to remodel the home to make it happen!”

Every day of the week, this conversation is repeated with clients who call Free House Remodeling. The level of frustration created by this unending circle is enough to push anyone towards making a rash decision that simply isn’t necessary.

There IS a better way to remodel and sell your home WITHOUT ruining your credit!


You Pay NOTHING to remodel and sell your home with Free House Remodeling.

That is the most important statement on this website. You don’t have to get a loan, pull money out of savings, wish upon a star…you simply call Free House Remodeling and we take care of everything.

Here are the reasons this too-good-to-be-true solution is changing the lives of so many homeowners who thought they had no way out:

Free House Remodeling has 40+ years of construction experience.

The buck stops with Free House Remodeling.

  • We handle all the remodeling, so you never have to worry about paying too much for labor or materials.
  • You get all the benefits of quality workmanship without paying one cent!
  • We know how to cut remodeling costs without cutting corners.
  • We have the industry experience required to get quality craftsmanship and affordable materials to handle every remodeling need.
  • And we know the market well enough to determine appropriate costs for these repairs.

Free House Remodeling knows the difference between necessary repairs and ‘fluff’

You don’t have to deal with a realtor or face a bank appraisal. Free House Remodeling handles it all. Our real estate experience, combined with our construction savvy, enables us to avoid paying for repairs that aren’t necessary to sell your home. We only focus on making repairs that make your home worth more to buyers.

REMEMBER: You pay NOTHING to remodel your home with Free House Remodeling!

However, saving money on remodeling costs increases the potential for putting more money in YOUR pocket once the home is sold.

  • Free House Remodeling handles the remodeling
  • Free House Remodeling sells your home, and…
  • IF any profits are realized once the home is sold and expenses are covered…Free House Remodeling shares them with YOU!

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