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Distressed Property Relief by Free House Remodeling

What is Distressed Property?

In simple terms, Distressed Property is a property in need of remodeling. This can include but is not limited to, new countertops, floor coverings, paint, trim-work, and any number of minor and/or major renovations. In some cases, homes that are in danger of being foreclosed are referred to as Distressed Property. Both applications are appropriate…and Free House Remodeling provides a solution for both situations through Distressed Property Relief.

How Does a Property Become Distressed?

In dealing with numerous clients, Free House Remodeling has cataloged a host of reasons that lead to a property becoming distressed. A homeowner suffers a debilitating illness and can’t afford needed repairs. A family is left with a home when their aging parents are placed in long-term care, and oftentimes these homes are in ill repair. And in some cases, a divorce can result in a home becoming abandoned, which can contribute to the rapid decline of a home’s condition.

There are just as many reasons for a home to be classified as a Distressed Property due to possible foreclosure, and many of these causes are the same reasons repairs haven’t taken place. In general, lack of funds can be attributed as the #1 reason a home becomes a Distressed Property.

Free House Remodeling is your #1 solution for Distressed Property Relief!

If you own a distressed property, don’t let anyone rush you into selling for pennies on the dollar.

Let Free House Remodeling provide ABSOLUTELY FREE Distressed Property Relief.

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A Proven Program

Traditionally, when a home becomes a financial burden due to required repairs and ongoing maintenance, a realtor wants to ‘test the marketability’ of the home. That means it’s placed for sale BEFORE it’s in marketable condition. Financial hardship, ongoing legal issues, and other considerations can create anxiety. It is easy to settle for less during these often emotional times.

However, with Free House Remodeling, Your Home is Remodeled BEFORE it’s Put Up For Sale!

Free House Remodeling makes things right so you don’t have to settle for less.

And you pay NOTHING for this service…not one penny!

Consider the facts:

  • A newly-remodeled home sells quicker than a home requiring multiple repairs and upgrades.
  • Your home’s ARV (After Repair Value) is always higher than selling without needed repairs and upgrades being completed. That means your home SELLS FOR MORE after it’s remodeled.
  • With Free Home Remodeling’s Distressed Property Relief service, you avoid realtor fees, bank inspections, and all the typical frustrations of selling your home.
  • Because Free House Remodeling remodels the home before putting it on the market, you could actually receive money after the sale [1].

[1] Please note: every situation is different. Multiple factors, including the outstanding mortgage balance, total remodel expense, current market conditions, and other considerations determine if any cash distribution is possible after a home is sold.

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