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Why Foreclosure Should ALWAYS Be Avoided

The Experian Credit Reporting Agency defines a foreclosure as such:

“A foreclosure occurs when a mortgage lender takes possession of a property from a borrower after the borrower fails to keep up with their loan payments. The lender is legally entitled to seize the property to recover as much of the loan amount as possible.”

Like any delinquency, a foreclosure is a negative blot on your credit record…but its effect is far greater than being late on a car payment or credit card bill.

While banks and other lending institutions have different lending criteria, certainly all lenders consider a foreclosure a very serious negative when it comes to reviewing a consumer’s credit history. A foreclosure is second only to bankruptcy in terms of severity. That means that many creditors won’t even consider a credit application if foreclosure is on your credit report. And a foreclosure stays on your credit report for seven years from the date of the first missed payment.

“How Can I Avoid a Foreclosure?”

Call Free House Remodeling. That’s your first step towards avoiding a foreclosure. Many people believe that they simply cannot dig out from under a history of making late mortgage payments. Perhaps you’ve been told that your home requires certain repairs before it can be sold…and you simply can’t afford to remodel. Maybe you’ve been convinced that your home’s value is so low you can’t recoup enough to cover your mortgage balance.

Free House Remodeling can change your financial future by helping you avoid foreclosure!

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With more than 40 years of construction experience, our team remodels your home, then sells it for you at NO CHARGE TO YOU. Yes, you read that right:



“How Can Free House Remodeling Do This For No Charge?”

Free House Remodeling is well aware of the ‘buy and flip’ offers that exist out there…and you should know that this is not us.

Our approach is different. Our program helps homeowners avoid foreclosure or loss by partnering with you and remodeling your home, making you a partner in your own home sale. A Free House Remodeling representative will contact you, set up a meeting, tour your home and explain the process in complete detail. Our rep will answer all of your questions, avoiding confusing industry jargon, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Free House Remodeling has earned a reputation for integrity and transparency among our customers and throughout the construction industry in the communities we serve.

Don’t let the bank take your home. Protect your credit. Contact Free House Remodeling today.

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